Transforming your mall experience by leveraging visual and emotional intelligence, linking customers, brands and stores.

AI-MALL alliance

AI-MALL “CRISP” Features

  • Cheap

    Avoid expensive video transmission and central computation

  • Respecting

    Privacy-respecting. No personal data stored in any system components

  • Intelligent

    Cloud server connects smart camera agents through edge intelligence.

  • Superior

    Better deep learning algorithms than counterparts

  • Proactive

    Sensing human and human behavior through appealing interactions.


Team & Partner Research Institutes


CEO:Chris Yang

Engineering Director:Yongjie Wu

VP of Operation and Strategy:Celine Long

Partner Research Institutes

  • Univeristy of Cambridge

  • University of London

  • Imperial College

  • Fudan University

  • Shenzhen University

  • Beihang University